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Family Cookbook
Family Recipe Book

Family Recipe Book - Go to AncestryPress.com and select "Make a family history book from scratch" under "Start a Project. Name your project and click on "Continue. Once your project is created, click on "New Page. Select "Other Pages. Select the "Recipe Template" from the options provided. Select the type of page you’d like to create. For a cover page: Add text for your title, subtitle and author.For a recipe page without a photo: Add a recipe name in the title field. Add text for the "Ingredients" field. Add text for the "Directions" field. For a recipe page with a photo, Fill the photo field using photos from the "Family Tree" tab or the "Uploaded Photos" tab, Add a recipe name in the "Title": field. Add text for the "Ingredients" field. Add text for the "Directions" field, Once you’ve completed your first page, select “Add a Page” and choose the type of page you’d like next in your Recipe book. more info > > >

Setting Up A Family Cookbook

Want that special something for the next family reunion? Try a family cookbook, involve the entire family and collect the recipes they each like the best. This is a great way to get your Aunt Marges recipe for Apple Pie!
If the family reunion is to be a pot-luck, have them bring a recipe card for the dish they will be providing. This method has several advantages; a picture of the person can be added to the recipe when the book is compiled.
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Computers are great for this project, and using a regular notebook allows people to add to the recipe book at a later date. (You can even email the book to those who have a computer and are online to help save on postage.)
In addition this can be used as a great memory for the family reunion, and a way to get pictures to all of the family members who forgot to bring their cameras! Just add photos to the book and it will bring funny and happy memories for years to come.
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If there is a problem of the cost of materials, have each member who wants one donate a small fee to cover the costs of the paper, ink, notebooks and postage. I dont know how many times I have gone to a pot-luck and spent lots of time asking for the recipes!
I have never been to where I didnt find several dishes I really liked and wanted to make for my family later.
If you would rather have the recipe book on hand at the reunion, just request, in advance, everyone provide their favorite recipe, put an old picture of them with it, this can present even more fun by not identifying the person in the picture!
You may want to put an index in the back so they can tell in the years to come, who is in the picture.
Whatever means you use, this is a great memento of a special day for your family, enjoy it, and remember to send one to the family members who couldnt be there for whatever reason.
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