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PhotoStamps are an exciting new product that lets you take your own images or photographs and turn them into real U.S. postage. Use photos of your ancestors and place stamps on your reunion invitations.
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Recently Viewed:

Family Reunions
Family Reunion Themes

Family Reunion Themes

Ideas for a Family Reunion

Ideas for a Family Reunion

The Family TreeDisplay a huge, blown-up version of the family tree mounted to a foam board to show how far back the family history goes. This type of exhibit always draws a crowd — folks like to see their own names when climbing the family tree! Everyone is fascinated by family trees - it generates questions. Display descendent charts, pedigree charts, family history reports generated from your favorite genealogy software program. Good opportunity to update bad data, or fill in missing data. Keep a pen handy — hang it from a piece of string tacked to the board. Family members can use it to fill in any blanks, add new babies to the tree, or make any necessary corrections. Just be sure the tree has plenty of extra space for these additions.
Create a Family History ExhibitGather pieces of family memorabilia from your relatives and set up exhibits, displays, including historical documents, papers, books,diaries, old passports, old photographs of ancestors, veteran memorabilia, maps, memorabilia, artifacts, tools, toys, crafts, implements - be fresh each year with something new. Demonstrations from the past such as whittling, caning, quilting, hand sewing, butter churning, ice cream making, tatting, or style shows and skits using period clothing of your ancestors
Telling the Family StoryIf you or someone in your family has been researching the family history for years, ask that person to tell the family story. Provide a podium and bulletin board for visuals, such as a blown-up version of the family tree.
Show and TellHave members bring old photos, documents, and family heirlooms to show & tell - good opportunity for everyone to bring 'mystery' photos to help identify & document who is in picture as well as gather 'stories' associated with the item.
Interview Family MembersUse a video camera or a tape recorder and interview family members about their life, when and where they were born, childhood, memories etc. Make a list of discussion starters, but you do not need to stick with them.
RecordsGive everyone in the family a record to fill out, name, dates, marriage, children, etc.
DocumentationDocument each reunion and make available (video or scrapbook or memory book). The history you make at one reunion, will be entertainment for the next reunion.
Goody BagsGoody bag should include: Include family membership list with name, address, phone, and email address Schedule Map/Directions Favors & Souvenirs & Coupons Brochures Survey Feedback Form, Name Tags, Emergency Phone Numbers,Pagers, Cellular Phone Numbers, Freebies & Coupons from Local Businesses, Information on Local Attractions/Events - hours, costs, locations - request from Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Bureaus Order form for video tapes before/after reunion
Family TableclothCreate a family heirloom tablecloth using iron on transfers printer paper
Reunion GuestbookHaving a guest book for people to sign and write comments in is always a good way to capture memories, at the same time time to can collect addresses, phone numbers, e- mail addresses, etc.
Family Favorites CookbookContact everyone before the reunion to sened you their favorite recipe favorite recipes ,with notes as well.These recipes can be compiled into a family cookbook. They can either be purchased and raise some funds, or even put them in the goody bag.
What to wear at the Family Reunion

What to wear at the Family Reunion

Family Reunion/Custom Discount Package

If you are planning a Family Reunion you are most likely looking for something distinctive and exceptional to present at the reunion, possibly a door prize or maybe even a keepsake that members of the reunion can take away with them to remember the occasion for years to come.
Houseofnames.com would like to accommodate your needs by allowing you to customize a package that will meet your requirements in organizing your reunion! They are offering some of their most popular products that will allow you a variety of choices for your reunion with great savings.



Create your own unique Memoribilia.
Family reunion T-Shirts and Gifts, Family Names T-Shirts and Gifts, Last name T-Shirts and Gifts , Family Reunion T-Shirts with your own Family Crest,

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Family Reunion Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Let us bring together family memories into a professionally designed Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzle. Unique to your family, it offers an activity that all ages can participate in - from kids to grandparents. Not only are they fun, but they naturally encourage family members to interact with one another for the perfect family activity.

Offset Printable Jigsaw Puzzle Clonzz(R)

Ultimate Puzzles 500

Send out Reunion Invitations

PhotoStamps are an exciting new product that lets you take your own images or photographs and turn them into real U.S. postage. Use photos of your ancestors and place stamps on your reunion invitations.
Make your mail memorable with PhotoStamps: the exciting new way to turn photos into real US postage!
Family Reunion IdeasFamily reunion tips to make sure your family get together is a great success.
Feeding a large Group

Feeding a large Group



Growlies for GroupsOnline cookbook when you need to make a BIG pot of 'something' ( recipes for groups of 50, 100 and more)
Really BIG RecipesThese recipes to serve 100 people and more, are a COLLECTION of recipes from many sources.
Food & NutritionFoods for a family reunion
Note: All prices in US Dollars

What Type of Reunion is Best for your Family?

by Marie Christianson

There are different kinds of families. Not one family is exactly alike. The family you were born into may be the exact opposite of the family you got married into. It is how we adjust that determines how well we get along with our family members.

That being said, if you are in charge of planning your family reunion, you need to have an idea what kind of family you have and make it as the basis of how you will plan the event.

Let's say you come from a family who enjoys being with each other while indulging themselves to a meal. Then you can just plan a picnic at a nearby park. There are also less expenses because you can assign each one to bring their own food that will accommodate the rest of the members. Another option would be a barbecue at one of your member's backyard. Usually, barbecues are done alongside pool parties. You can do just like that.

If you have extra money to spare and it really calls for a grand celebration, like the silver wedding anniversary of the grandparents or a christening of a newborn, you can have a fine meal at a restaurant that would set the mood and ambience of the reunion.

Some reunions are not just about food. Some have activities. Example, if you come from a family of adventurers and risk-takers, you can have a camping trip. Choose a location where you could be altogether and do your own research. Make sure that the wildlife in that area is contained so you need not have more worries aside from your regular buzzing mosquitoes.

Road trip is also an option. Map out the locations where your family would be going. If many are tagging along, have a convoy instead. Make the most out of the stop-overs in rest and lodgings.

If your family is spiritual, you can seek the guidance of a counselor or a minister to manage the events that will be scheduled at a certain date and place with your family as participants. These are what you call retreats only this time, your family are the partakers of the event.

Reunions with a theme manage to bring out the quirky side of your family members. Do you remember the scene from "Bridget Jones' Diary" when Renee Zellweger as the title character made her way to the gathering in her Playboy Playmate bunny costume? That is an option you can consider. Dress ups are always fun anyway.

Sometimes, reunions take place after a tragedy. When a family member dies that is the only time relatives fly in from different states. Often times, this tragedy is seen as a blessing in disguise for that reason. Some families, after mourning, get together and catch up during the wake and after the burial.

Play up with any idea as long as it will accommodate those you will invite to the event. First, ask yourself, how many people are coming? If it is a big gathering, dining at a restaurant is seriously out of the picture. You can still do the picnic and the barbecue in a backyard though.

If you have old people with you, you cannot have the camping trip because they may not be up for it. The road trip may still be considered. If you are doing the road trip, include in your itinerary some historical locations for your family. Perhaps an elder member can explain to the younger generation the significant story behind an ancient home.

Reunions are usually fun and are ways for you to get to know family members. It is also a way to get in touch especially that in the United States of America, there are so many states making family see each other less frequently. To answer the question imposed by the title, there is really no one answer to what kind of reunion is best for your family. You can actually try all these options whenever the opportunity calls for and see which one goes well with everyone involved.

If you do think about it, the fun from reunion comes not only with the activities conducted during the event and the food that is served. The fun comes from the stories shared by each family member to one another and most importantly, the warmth from the company everybody receives.

Marie Christianson is a senior business analyst at FamliyDetails.com. Visit the FamilyDetails.com Family Reunion Info Center for more articles and resources!

Article Source: 1ArticleWorld.com

Family Reunion Organizer 101

by Marie Christianson

Vacation getaways can be real fun. However, getting a grand vacation package during holidays is only half the fun. What counts most are the people included in the activity.

No wonder why so many people tend to resort to family reunions instead of the typical one-on-one vacation getaway.

For a person who has a great deal of family pride, organizing a family reunion could be one of the most important activities of his life. He could be well on the road for career or business success, but conducting a successful family reunion might just be the next goal he wants to take.

The problem is that most people just take family reunions for granted. They thought that just because the family members are the primary or the only guests in the party, they do not have to spend more effort, time, and money in organizing a family reunion.

If you value your family most and if you know how important they are to you that is why you are conducting this party or even in the first place, then, you know it is important to learn the right way to family reunion planning in order to come up with a good, fun party.

To get you started, here is a list of some great tips on planning a family reunion along with some unique and remarkable family reunion ideas. With some imagination, ingenuity, and advance preparation, you can definitely make plans for an unforgettable family reunion that everyone in the family will cherish.

1. Do your homework

Before anything else, you have to conduct your own research first regarding family reunions. From these information, you can get a hint on the available family reunion ideas. You can also have a clear understanding of the essential things needed in a family reunion including the estimated cost of the party.

2. Create an objective

Of course, you may say that all family reunions just have one objective - to reunite the family. Yes, this is one of the goals of family reunions, but you have to be more specific in order to succeed in organizing the event.

Objectives could be established on themes or a particular thesis or topic. The event should center on this one. For instance, you may focus on getting everyone share their most unforgettable moments with the family. Focusing on this topic will enable you to concentrate on it and pattern every activity with the said topic.

3. Decide on which family

Trying to reunite both sides of the family can be a daunting task. Not only that. It can be very chaotic knowing that there are little chances of getting everyone settled up. Remember you are managing two sides of the family here; hence, there can be a lot of differences that you have to settle down.

Therefore, it is best if you will focus on a particular side of the family in a certain family reunion. In this way, you can come up with a superb family reunion idea.

Keep in mind that one of the key points to succeed in a family reunion is to focus on a certain branch of your family tree.

4. Make a guest list

After deciding which family to invite and gather, the next thing you have to do is to come up with a guest list. In this way, you will have a random estimate of how many people will come; hence, you can plan your meals, chairs and table rentals, and other details.

In your guest list, you have to include the complete family member, from the husband down to the children or grandchildren, if there is any. This will enable you to create good sets of family reunion invitations.

5. Make use of a family reunion organizer

This software is not just a plain state-of-the-art invention. It is a very helpful tool for people who cannot seem to organize thoughts, list, and plans.

With a family organizer, you can easily manage your schedule, guest list, plans, meal preparations, finances, and other tasks. You do not have to go over endless listings and random checking of activities because with this software, you can easily manage your activities by simply encoding them into the program.

You can find a good family reunion organizer at any family reunion website. Just keep in mind to trust only those reputable websites to avoid problems.

All of thee things are boiled down to the fact that planning a family reunion is not just about coming up with an event date and distribute invitations. It takes more than just plain preparation.

Therefore, it is best that you learn what it takes to have a successful family reunion through these very useful tips. With these information, you can easily keep that bond within your family and strengthen the ties.

Marie Christianson is a senior business analyst at FamliyDetails.com. Visit the FamilyDetails.com Family Reunion Info Center for more articles and resources!

Article Source: Article Active - all kinds of articles

Family Reunion: Lodging and Transportation

by Marie Christianson

Finding a place to hold your carefully-planned family reunion is as important a step as any other. It comes after careful deliberation by members of the committee tasked to handle the destination and logistics of travel. But how do you exactly choose the place, how do you come up with a good idea where to hold the family reunion best?

Within the sphere of planning for your family reunion destination are two important elements: lodging and transportation.

A good place is essential in keeping the interest of your family reunion guests and making it a fun experience. So equally important are the ways on how you can reach your destination and how you will be accommodated.

Lodging and transportation are two essential steps before you can plan on the other details of your family reunion, like games, activities, and others.


There are five important factors that can affect your choice of lodging, and which you must carefully consider.

1. Quantity of guests

The number of guests will decide where you must hold your family reunion. Obviously a big family reunion requires a big venue like a resort or pavilion, or even a hotel ballroom.

But if you have only thirty or so people on your guest list, perhaps a reserved portion of a restaurant will do, or even a backyard owned by one of the family's members.

2. Nature of guests

Of course if your guests are mostly children, you could not pretty much put them in log cabins or other rough and tumble accommodations, the way matured guests could.

Younger guests will prefer livelier accommodations like theme parks, while matured guests may choose calmer locations like stately rest houses where they can relax.

It is very important to make your guests feel comfortable and very interested with their surroundings.

3. The extent of your budget

Budget constraints can affect your choice of lodging. If you are on a low budget, you can opt having a small family reunion at a camping site or bringing your own trailer along.

However if you are capable to spend, you can accommodate your guests at a hotel or resort. It is still important to keep comfort in mind. Various family reunion websites offer suggestions for lodging.

4. Safety

Another consideration in your choice of lodging is the safety of your guests. Does the resort have sufficient night watchmen? Does the camp site have security fences to keep away dangerous animals?

Or does the hotel bear enough emergency routes in case of fires, earthquakes, or other calamities?

5. Availability of space

A lot of people prefer the great outdoors for the vastness of space available for various activities.

Space is indeed a deciding factor. It is important to have enough legroom at your destination, for various planned activities like family reunion games and other functions.

So before handing out your family reunion invitations, it will be useful to consult with other family members, so that your guests will feel comfortable with your planned family reunion destination.


But ensuring your accommodations is just one part of the sphere. The other is accessing it.

Access to your destination is a critical consideration in planning for your family reunion. After considering your budget, and schedule, how do you book your transportation for a comfortable and hassle-free trip?

Here are some tips.

- Choose which travel agency or transport service provider, do you think serves you best. You can check a list of transport providers, on a lot of family reunion websites.

- In choosing your transport provider, make a balancing of both price and quality of service (usually you can have a hint of this by asking others regarding the reputation of the transport provider).

- Make sure the transport company has insurance coverage for both you and your luggage in case of emergencies.

- Book your trip early. Some transportation providers like airlines offer discounts on early reservations.

- Update on your reservation, about one or two weeks before your scheduled trip. This will inform you of any changes or delays, or if your trip will hopefully continue as scheduled.

- Prepare your body for the long haul ahead. Usually, family reunion destinations are far off and will require hours of travel, so plan ahead. Make sure you are psyched up for the trip and ready for any circumstances that may arise during your travel.

In planning your family reunion, never overlook both accommodations during your travel and your stay. Comfortable reunion guests are happy guests, and happy guests will result to a lively and memorable family reunion. Careful planning and decision-making on both lodging and transportation are keys to a successful family reunion.

Marie Christianson is a senior business analyst at FamliyDetails.com. Visit FamilyDetails.com to create a family reunion website or for more articles and resources!

Article Source: Article Active - all kinds of articles

Sharing Family Memories: How to Successfully Organize a Family Reunion

by Marie Christianson

Don't you miss the good old days? Don't you think it's time to see those old faces once more? If so, it's time to get your organizing skills together and prepare for a grand family union.

How Many Branches Are We Talking About?
A family tree, especially if your surname is Smith or Chan, can be pretty large. It's better to decide up to how many degrees you'd wish to include in your family reunion. If you're a big family, having only up to the first degree relations would be sufficient. If you want to share the love, you can invite members up to the third degree.

Decide on the Event Specifications
Where - Location, location, location! Firstly, think of a place that's most convenient and accessible for the whole family. Secondly, the place must be large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.
When - Always hold important occasions like family reunions during the weekend to ensure that most of the guests, if not all, would be available.
What - Is it a simple afternoon get-together, a one-day event, or an overnight stay? Is there a theme for the reunion? Should the guests bring anything?
Budget - The person doing the inviting is also usually the one who does the paying. If you're not ready to dent your pockets, however, you should consider asking for a small contribution from each guest; you could request them to pay a certain fee or simply divide responsibilities of the event among yourselves.

Before the Event
Form an organization committee then divide responsibilities among yourselves to get things done quickly.

Invitations may be sent over the Internet or by mail. The important thing is to have these invitations sent at least a month in advance then have someone call all the people in the guest list to confirm their attendance. This is necessary because only a few people nowadays respond to RSVPs. If you are not offering free accommodation, have a list of nearby bed and breakfast inns and hotels prepared and offer to reserve a room in their behalf.

During the Event
Create a welcoming committee and have them positioned in the reception area; they should ensure that everyone are given a warm welcome, a written itinerary of the events scheduled for the reunion, and their assigned rooms if any. A questionnaire should be given to each guest so that everyone's contact numbers will be updated.

Give people time to chat and catch up with old times during cocktails; schedule this thirty minutes prior to the main event. Mingle and make sure that none of your family members are given the Bridget-Jones-treatment: you know, being interrogated about a nonexistent love life and so on.

The seating arrangement should be pre-arranged already to ensure that nobody gets left out.

Take lots of photos. This will ensure that your family reunion is an affair to remember for all time.

After a time, it's time for a family reunion ice-breaker. There are a number of ways to encourage people to loosen up. Games like charades are already passe; rather than go for ordinary games, why not have the whole clan play a family scavenger hunt? It may be more complicated to organize but the effort will be definitely worth it.

Make sure that foods and drinks are replenished constantly; hungry and thirsty guests make one very irritable lot.

Give special attention to the oldest and the youngest in the clan. Encourage people to share stories from the past.

Finishing the Event and Post-Event Communication:
Always have giveaways ready. These gifts must be chosen carefully; they should be objects that will symbolize the event poignantly and serve as a keepsake of good times.

Make sure that you personally say goodbye to each and every guest. Thank them for their time and participation then invite them to come back the next year or whenever the next family reunion will be held.

Post all the photos in a website. Make sure that the design is simple but beautiful. Use a genealogy software program to create a family tree. Each member must have a photo as well as contact details and the latest updates of their lives. Invite all the guests to become members of the website. Create a virtual scrapbook for everyone to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy your family reunion. May it be filled with love and laughter!

Marie Christianson is a senior business analyst at FamliyDetails.com. Visit the FamilyDetails.com Family Reunion Info Center for more articles and resources!

Article Source: Add-Articles.com
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