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Reminiscing - The Game for People Over Thirty

Reminiscing - The Game for People Over Thirty

Reminiscing - The Game for People Over Thirty
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The Board Game for People Over Thirty

Chicago--- As the 21st century begins, it's one of the best times in a thousand years to sit back for some serious reminiscing...the board game, that is. REMINISCING, the timeless nostalgia game from TDC Games has been readied for the new century as events of the 1990's have now been added to this best-selling trip down memory lane.

Billed as "The Game for People Over Thirty (and the Younger People They Let Play)," the new Reminiscing Master Edition, takes two to four players or teams on a sentimental journey from the 1940's through the 1990's by jogging memories about the fads, foibles, people, places, movies, television, music and various other entertaining minutia from the last six decades. As a bonus, the game also includes six decades of movie questions.

"It’s one of the few things you can get better at as you get older," says Sandy Bergeson, TDC’s Creative Director. "I would pick the oldest person in the room to play for my team."

Reminiscing tends to include questions which entertain rather than frustrate. The answers to Reminiscing questions lean more toward "Hula Hoops," "Paper Dresses" "Bellbottoms" or "Joey Buttafucco," rather than long Chinese rivers or the capitol of Lithuania.

Several clues are provided with each Reminiscing " Flashback" question. These hints are designed to gently jog your memory. For example:

Back in 1975, people paid up to $250 for a
portable biofeedback device known as a _____.

Clue #1 Darkness was a sign of tension.
Clue #2 Being blue meant you were happy.
Clue #3 Reddish brown meant you were cranky.
Memory Clue
Which piece of jewelry from the past
is collecting the most dust in your drawer?

* Answer on the bottom of the page

The fewer clues needed to discover the answer, the more points are scored. Points are also scored by sharing your own personal memories about certain subjects.

"Back in 1989, the original edition of the game was inspired by watching the normal activity of adults at parties," says Larry Balsamo, President of TDC Games, a well known maker of innovative board and party games. "Reminiscing is a natural phenomenon that has only been stimulated by the hundreds of thousands of games we have sold over the last decade . We hope the new Master Edition will continue to help make nostalgia fun well into the new century."

Reminiscing not only challenges your memories of the past decades but also stimulates you to share thoughts and feelings from your own personal past. "You might be asked to tell a story from your past that has to do with a teacher or a favorite pet," says Bergeson of her favorite part of the game. "Or you may be asked where you were when you heard President Kennedy had been shot. Who could forget?"

The fondness for nostalgia seems to be building with the age curve of the "Baby Boom" generation. We are in an era when the simplest memorabilia sells for thousands of dollars and the only common element that seems to unite all lifestyles and age groups is a fascination with the past.

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